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Show Choir Arrangements

Breeze Tunes Productions specializes in creating high-quality, competitive arrangements tailored to fit your choir’s show design, skill level, and budget!

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The online store is for previewing arrangements and downloading rehearsal tracks only.  To purchase sheet music, please go to Tresona Music, obtain a custom arrangement license for each song, and we will contact you with further instructions on receiving your music.  Please direct all inquiries to or use the contact form.

Don’t want to search online?  You can also download a PDF list of available titles.

Our Process

1. Show Design

The first step in creating a show is to pick great music.  We believe that having your arranger involved in the design process is the best way to get a show that works from start to finish.  We can also help you assemble a killer creative team of show choir professionals to help you get the job done!

2. Copyright

Once you’ve selected your song titles, the next step is to obtain copyright clearance for each song.  The process is the same regardless of if you’re using a previously arranged title or ordering a brand new custom arrangement!  We assist all of our clients in properly licensing their music.

3. Arranging/Orchestrating

We work closely with music directors and choreographers to make sure that each arrangement enhances the overall show and brings out the best in each group.  While there are always changes that occur throughout the year, our goal is to get it right the first time!

4. Rehearsal Aids

Don’t expect us to disappear once the music is written!  We want to stay involved with your program throughout the year to help you have a successful season.  Our rehearsal tracks, in-person clinics, and video critiques are just a few of the ways we can help bring your shows to life!

Director Feedback

Garrett has a unique ability to write arrangements that bring out the best in any group. For our beginning groups he finds ways to keep parts simple and still create really musical moments, and for our advanced groups he constantly comes up with innovative ways to do something new.

Mike Raunick
North Central H.S. “Counterpoints” and “Descants”

Garrett's arrangements always hit the mark! He is an integral part in the success of our shows from start to finish. Garrett is great to work with and always makes sure he gets it right.

Bradley Gardner
Franklin Central H.S. “FC Singers”

Garrett Breeze is a wonderful arranger to work with! He not only listens to what you need, but he also contributes creatively to the process of creating shows. I highly recommend!

Mark Mercer

Fairfield Senior H.S. “Choraliers”

Garrett is so easy to work with and he really listens to what I am asking for. I also really like how he checks in with me later in the season to make sure everything is working well. This year when my band and I were listening to the closer chart one of the kids looked at me and said "pure genius." And they love playing it!

Anne Marie Cummings

DePere H.S. “Jam Session”

From the start, Garrett was great to work with. He responded to emails quickly, wrote music that was the appropriate level of difficulty for my ensemble, and he has great ideas that enhanced my show. Garrett also uploaded edits quickly and made tracks for the arrangements. Most of all, Garrett is a great guy who wants my ensembles to succeed.

Jeff Knutson

Waukee H.S. “Millenium”

Garrett Breeze is an awesome arranger and clinician! My choir kids loved working with him during a workshop and his suggestions and guidance really helped take our show to the next level!

Adam Womack

Tullahoma H.S. “AristoCATS”

Garrett is great to work with and his arrangements have my groups of 28 - 30 people sounding like 45 -50!

Dean Pearson

Freelance choreographer (Virginia)