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Our catalog includes over ONE THOUSAND arrangements previously performed by competitive show choirs all over the world.  Finding the right song for your show is a breeze thanks to our industry-leading search filters which allow you to sort by keyword, voicing, show function, theme, and musical style.

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    I had kind of a random thought the other day. I was in my car, it was the end of the year, and I was thinking a lot about my publishing business and how things had gone and what I wanted to do in the coming year. And I was sitting there in the drive-through […]
  • Garrett on the “Make Music Income” Podcast
    I had a great time on the “Make Music Income” podcast taking a deep dive with Eric Copeland on all things sheet music.  Check it out in the video below!
  • Garrett’s Interview with “Music (ed) Matters”
    I was honored to be this week’s guest on the “Music (ed) Matters” podcast to talk about all things commercial music in the classroom.  Check out my conversation with Dr. Emily Williams Burch HERE. Previous Next
  • Georgia ACDA Fall Conference 2022
    A big thank you to Georgia ACDA for the invitation to speak at your Fall Conference!  You can access the slides and other materials (including Teaching Arranging in the Choral Classroom) through the form below.
  • Easy Edits To Make In Show Choir Arrangements
    No matter how great your arrangements are, there will inevitably come a time during the school year where things start to plateau, or even worse, start to get stale.  Knowing how to make useful changes and edits to the music is the key to getting through this and kicking your rehearsals back into gear.  Here […]