Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does it take for me to get my arrangements?
We handle a large volume of custom arrangement requests every season.  For this reason it is very important you provide us with specific deadlines so we can plan accordingly.  For previously arranged titles, the wait time is largely dependant on the time it takes for custom arrangement licenses to be approved and paid for.
Can I make changes to an arrangement after purchasing?
For custom arrangements we provide one set of revisions free of charge.  We reserve the right to charge for any further adjustments.  For previously arranged titles, modifications are subject to a $100 change fee, unless the change is minimal.
Do you provide rehearsal tracks?
Every arrangement comes with an mp3 demo and an mp3 minus track created using virtual instruments.  These files will be delivered using dropbox.  In addition, we highly recommend ordering vocal rehearsal tracks for each arrangement.  These recordings are made by professional studio musicians with extensive show choir experience, and includes mp3 files with each voice part isolated (soprano, alto, tenor, bass, etc).
Can I view the sheet music before purchasing an arrangement?
For copyright reasons we are not able to share samples of sheet music.  Audio demos for each arrangement are available online so you can determine whether or not an arrangement is right for you.
Can you help me design my show?
We believe that having your arranger involved in the design process is the best way to get a show that works from start to finish.  For many of our clients we are an active part of the artistic team, collaborating with directors and choreographers.
Do I have to purchase the vocal rehearsal tracks?
No, but it is strongly recommended.  Our clients have found that using vocal rehearsal tracks dramatically decrease the time required to teach parts.  It also clearly communicates to the choreographer when something in the arrangement differs from the original song.  And it allows students to rehearse their choreography along with the actual voice parts they will be singing.
We do not use a live band. Can you still arrange for us?
YES!  We arrange for several choirs that do not use a live band.  After creating vocal sheet music we go into the studio with live drums, bass, guitar, and synth to create real music for you to perform to.  A custom arrangement license is still required in this scenario.  We are also able to record accompaniment tracks of arrangements purchased elsewhere.

Questions About Copyright

Why do I have to pay for a copyright license to use your arrangements?
The short answer is that we simply do not have the right to distribute our arrangements unless it is accompanied by a custom arrangement license.  The only exception to this would be arrangements of public domain music, of which we currently offer very few.
How much do custom arrangement licenses cost?
Most custom arrangement licenses cost between $180 and $280 per song (some are higher).  When combining two or more songs in an arrangement the full license fee for each song is paid, regardless of how much each song is used.  If two songs in a medley or mashup charge different fees, the highest fee is the rate used for all songs.  We have no influence on the rates charged by publishers for custom arrangement licenses.
Do I still have to get a copyright license if I am not competing with your arrangement?
Yes.  A custom arrangement license is required regardless of the type of performance.
Will you take care of copyright approvals for me?
We are happy to submit and monitor copyright requests to Tresona Music on your behalf.  However, the responsibility remains with you to pay all license fees in a timely manner once approved.
Why are custom arrangement licenses so expensive?
The bottom line is that copyright is complex, and whether or not an arrangement license should be considered expensive really depends on how you intend to use the arrangement.  If you are a choir of 15, and you only plan on performing an arrangement once, then the custom arrangement fee is naturally going to seem more expensive than if you are a choir of 60 and you plan on performing the arrangement dozens of times.  It also helps to remember that for many songs, the licensing fee is divided up by a whole slew of songwriters and publishers who have already invested a great deal of time and money into their work.
Do I have to get my arrangement licenses through Tresona?
Not necessarily.  However, we are too busy arranging music to research and work on copyright clearances.  Therefore, if you wish to clear a song directly from a publisher or artist you must provide us with a fully executed license before we can begin arranging.
Where can I learn more about copyright?
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